Our Babies

Hidden Treasure

The REWARD is always Huge for those willing to SEARCH

It’s the thrill of it all, the wily adventure for those who dare.

Good thing we did all the hard work for you and handcrafted one of the finest wine runs off the coast of the Chesapeake Bay. Dive into a flavor journey like none other with Hidden Treasure White Rum.

Gluten Free

Crafted with local natural ingredients

Apple Pie Rum

Original Family Recipe

Fragrant vanilla, Maryland honey crisp apples, & delicate notes of honey?!


Experience the nostalgia of nana’s house on a brisk fall afternoon with a fresh baked apple pie in the window cooling. Allow our original apple rum to add complexity to any cocktail or pour it over vanilla ice cream for a reverse al a mode.

Gentlemen’s Reserve Vodka

Naturally Refined, for the Unrefined Spirit

We stepped into our reserve and pulled out an exclusive meant to be savored by those who dare step out of their routine & try something new. We’ve took our time and hand crafted a beverage experience like none other & we hope you appreciate it as much as we do. Distilled between 13 – 16 times continuously; our vodka is refined for the spirit enthusiast who requires the best.