Our Babies

Hidden Treasure

It’s the thrill of it all, the wild adventure for those who dare. the Rewards are always huge for those who are willing to search. Good thing we did all the hard work for you and crafted one of the finest rums off the coast of the Chesapeake bay. Dive into a cheeky flavor journey like none other!

Apple Pie

Enjoy the flavorful taste of fragrant vanilla & Maryland honey crisp apples with delicate notes of honey. Experience the nostalgia of nan’s house on a brisk fall afternoon. Allow our original apple rum to add complexity to any cocktail or pour it over vanilla ice cream for a reverse al a mode!

Reserve Vodka

We’re only interested in creating a unique craft experience
from only the best ingredients. We took our time to make a vodka
we love and hope you appreciate it as well! The marriage of charcoal filters reverse osmosis water & premium ingredients createsan unrivaled smoothness. Like you, we care about what’s INSIDE the bottle, so we vow to always use REAL ingredients with no artificial flavors or additives.