Try Before You Buy: Loveton Farms at Your Local Liquor Store

The psychology of shopping suggests customers want to try before they buy, and liquor brands have always relied on this method. In the age of Amazon and online sales, shopping in brick-and-mortar stores has a lot to do with the buying experience. Competing with online liquor sales can be a challenge but it’s hard to replace the experience of walking through a liquor store and seeing the new releases and purchasing products you forgot about or didn’t know you needed.

In the same fashion that clothing stores have dressing rooms and supermarkets offer samples, distilleries have tasting rooms. But what about customers who can’t make it to the distillery? At Loveton Farms, we bring the Love[ton] to your local liquor store. Our goal is to have Loveton in every store, bar, and restaurant across Maryland, and with our on-site tastings, we’re off to a great start!

In addition to liquor stores, we also visit your restaurant and set up a tasting table with samples for your customers to try. The on-site tastings have many benefits, a few of them include:

  1. Cross Promotion – Two heads are better than one. Once the tasting is booked, Loveton will share the location and details with our network through email and social media and by tagging the location in hopes that they’ll do the same. If this is done successfully, we will have new eyes on our brand and the liquor store or restaurant will have new customers and followers that weren’t aware of their location.
  2. Education – During each visit, our goal is sales but to reach that goal we must educate the potential customer. We educate customers on everything they want to know about our product and the distillation process. We enjoy those one-on-one conversations because it offers an intimate way to educate without distractions. The sensory experience is also a part of the education process. We want our customers to smell and taste our products and then explain to them what their senses are experiencing and why that makes our product unique.
  3. Increased Sales – With everyone adjusting to the virtual way of doing things, on-site tastings still play an important role in liquor sales. Offering in-person, free samples of anything is a sure way to get eyes on your product. Advertising a free liquor tasting increases foot traffic to your location and as a result sales increase.

If you’re in Maryland and you’d like Loveton to visit your restaurant or liquor store, email us at

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